Day-5: The Structural Elucidation

It has been exactly 5 days since I started reading the book of Neurosciences and a lot of things have popped up in my mind while studying the intricate structure of this wonderful system

The rich history behind the elucidation of the microscopic elements of the nervous system, the salient macroscopic structures and the various methods of staining the neurons for identifying parts like the cell body, myelin sheath, axons etc. paved a path towards a new dawn.

The Golgi Silver Impregnation method was one of the pioneering methods which came under limelight to understand the circuitry. Augustus Waller’s method to differentiate the healthy neurons from the unhealthy ones suggested the presence of various drawbacks in the previously known visualization system. But with the advent of microscopes, things changed rapidly in the nervous system structural discovery process.

I would like to conclude this post in the Evolution of Nervous System series by saying that I am grateful to be a part of a scientific fraternity which takes into consideration the fundamental aspects of an organism’s body. Not only does it take into consideration but is able to provide us with a daily dose of knowledge in the form of new research every single day, suggesting the countless possibilities in this arena and how I as a novice homo sapien in this massive universe might have the ability to grasp the extent of the expanse of this system. It is definitely a good feeling to be a part of the bioscience realm.

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Till then, keep surprising yourself.

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