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It’s probably been an year since I wrote a blog post. After being regular with my neuroscience study update I lost my track and gave up on the idea of “somewhat mastering” a subject that is as vast as this universe.

After losing my dedication towards writing, I decided to divert my energy and write a couple of research papers. I was able to team up with two of my friends from college and was able to successfully write bioinformatics based research papers and we have been successfully able to lose our motivation towards getting them…

It has been exactly 5 days since I started reading the book of Neurosciences and a lot of things have popped up in my mind while studying the intricate structure of this wonderful system

The rich history behind the elucidation of the microscopic elements of the nervous system, the salient macroscopic structures and the various methods of staining the neurons for identifying parts like the cell body, myelin sheath, axons etc. paved a path towards a new dawn.

The Golgi Silver Impregnation method was one of the pioneering methods which came under limelight to understand the circuitry. Augustus Waller’s method…

How information flows from one neural element to another

The flow of information and its processing was pioneered by Cajal and Sherington, with the help of cybernetics studies done by Norbert Wiener and John von Nuemann.

Interestingly Norbert Wiener had already postulated in the 1940s about the clear similarity between the brain and the nervous system and how the communication between the elements of the nervous system is similar to that of machines.

A model was created which suggested that the behavior of an individual is determined by three inputs- the sensory system, the cognitive system and the intrinsic behavioral…

The Inexplicable Wonders of the Vertebrate Nervous System!

As I dive deeper into the realm of the evolution of the Animalian Nervous System, I slowly reach into the world of vertebrates. The wonders of these organisms can be truly understood during the process of embryogenesis. The early stages of embryonic development in all vertebrates are pretty much the same, and hence the development of the nervous system has a great deal of resemblance among these species. The major axis that runs along the length of a vertebrate’s body is termed as the rostrocaudal axis. Now the interesting point to be…

From flat worms to vertebrates

Amphioxus (Source:

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”

Flat worms, or organisms of the phylum Cnidaria were the first organisms in which the three cardinal trends of the nervous system were observed, which are- bilateral symmetry, cephalization and centralization. The presence of interneuron- interpolated neuron between sensory and motoneuron provides a great deal of advantage in terms of information flow and recognition of the environment. They also possess nerve nets, which allow have omnidirectional flow of information which is not generally present in other invertebrates.

The features mentioned above can also be observed…

Warning- Julie Powell-esq Posts in the context of Neuroscience ahead!

The first lesson was primarily about the basic architecture of the nervous system, wherein it has been stated very powerfully that organisms, starting right from the phylum Cnidiria to the most complex organisms of the planet- Homo sapiens, have pretty much the same major nervous system parts but differ in terms of ontogeny and phylogeny.

While studying this chapter, a very important quote popped up in between by none other than René Descartes which, by far, is the most appropriate description of the brain and its property of consciousness-


A personal project

I have been struggling to stay productive this quarantine phase. The anxiety to constantly be at my peak performance and simultaneously maintain my mental health is becoming a hassle. I need a personal project. I need to feel better about myself in a rather more constructive manner.

So, I have decided to study Neuroscience. Most of you might be wondering the reason behind this idea. Well, since the very beginning of my college, I have been intrigued by the mysteries of the human brain, the way it functions, and why a human being behaves the way it…

How Losing Control and getting Degraded helps me feel empowered

September 2015:
Sitting in my study room, trying to frantically finish my Organic Chemistry sample Board exam questions, when suddenly a thought pops up in my head- “Has Fifty Shades of Grey been uploaded on one of those free online movie sites?” As I typed the title on Google, I wondered whether I could fit in a movie plan just a couple of days before an extremely important exam, but then another realization hits me about the fact that there is no point of overburdening myself and I could use a little breather(Yes I eventually did finish my questions). …

The not so subtle beauty of Red

Red, not just a color but a statement in itself. The color represents plethora of emotions, meanings and deep seated symbolic roots. The greatest writers of the world have used this pigment to paint the picture of so many moods.

From love to rage to lust to warning, its symbolical significance goes way back to the prehistorical times.

From Draupadi’s blood soaked footsteps from the famous “Cheer Haran” scene from the epic Mahabharat, to Voldemort’s bloodshot ghastly snake like red eyes from Harry Potter, the pigment with the longest wavelength just cannot be ignored.

Its dominant nature always achieves to…

How COVID-19 lock down helped me with my self worth

24th March 2020- the honorable Prime Minister of India announces the commencement of a 21 day nationwide lock-down in order to curb the spread of the infamous Corona virus on a community level and combat the pandemic as much as possible. This grand announcement leads to a cascade of panic filled reactions-Media houses go haywire, offices and multinational cooperations in Delhi-NCR shutdown as the employees are asked by their bosses to work from their respective “homes” in the upcoming days. …

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